Memory Mine Guy

The Memory MineTM


The Memory Mine™ is a stand-alone application that lets you monitor and stress heaps in any open application and helps find problems such as memory leaks and heap corruption. Status of memory in a heap is sampled dynamically: nonrelocatable(Ptr), relocatable (Handle) and free space is shown. Allocate, Purge, Compact, and Zap memory lets users stress all or part of a program. Heap data can be logged manually or automatically; data can be exported to graphics programs and spreadsheets. Source code is not needed to view heaps; there is no system patching, and nothing is inserted in code. Works with PowerMac, and Macintosh with 68020 or better and System 7.0 or later. Click to download a demo of The Memory Mine™


Accessing heaps

Monitoring Heaps

Stressing Heaps

Use with Source Level Debuggers

System and Space Requirements

Works on PowerMacintosh, and all Macintosh with 68020 processor or better. System 7.0 or later is required. Works in 24-bit or 32-bit mode and with the Modern memory manager. No special installation is required; no traps patched. The Memory Mine is a fat binary file that starts up in native mode no matter what the processor type. Startup size set at 650Kb.