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New Years hokku

first wind from the east
sound of the ocean
strong and eloquent

Suggestions Possible kigo
New Years

'NO SKY-RELATED WORD IN WAKI-KU' Mr. Fukuda used 'wind' and 'east,' so we cannot use sky-word or word hinting direction. Perhaps, throughout this renku, the words 'south', 'north' and 'west' are OUT. Hokku dominates. Link and shift!
  • New Year's party
  • New Year's chopsticks
  • year begins
  • year changes
  • shepherd's purse (small green vegetable)
  • battledore (decorative or plain wood racket)
  • snow festival
  • red-white rice cake (mochi)
  • decorative pine bough (branch?)
  • lobster
  • bitter orange
  • fern
  • herring roe
  • handball (not a game! but a ball!)
  • raffle (well.... Japanese do raffle during New Year's holidays)
  • carta (traditional Japanese playing cards)
  • man of the year (???? if you are born in year of the tiger, you are "man of the year!?" this year)

Possibilities sent to Mr. Fukuda:
You may think I am very strict; however, this is how you can improve yourselves. I want you to understand Basho-style traditional renku and enjoy it. I am planning to write a book for American audience how to write renku in English. Thank you for participating.

Shinku Fukuda
Author Candidate Notes
Alex New Year’s dream - the current sweeps
around every pebble
Mr. Fukuda:
Waki-ku should be at the same time and same scene with hokku. If it were not "dream," this may be better. Also, "current" is too close to "ocean."
New Year’s morning
the sand is raked
Mr. Fukuda:
Because hokku uses "FIRST east wind," better not use "New Year."
Alice herring roe on a dish
patterned with cedar boughs
Mr. Fukuda:
From the point of view that waki-ku should be the same time, same place, and same scene as in hokku, the link describing "inside" is not appropriate.
each of the guests is ready
with a wish for the new year
Mr. Fukuda:
Same as above, "outside" link will be better than introducing "guests" here.
Lynne an alley cat preens himself
beginning of the year
Mr. Fukuda:
This is very interesting, however, "alley cat" is too early. Better in Ura (after #7). The first six you should write as though you were in proper attire. Later, you can loose a tie, take off shoes and relax!
year begins with soft light
freshly swept street sparkles
Mr. Fukuda:
I thought either this one or Ebba's "gulls." After careful thinking, Ebba's Gulls won!;
Ebba gulls wheel above the street
the year begins
Mr. Fukuda:
"Hokku uses "ocean," therefore, you would better NOT use the word *street* (location word?) here. I (Mr. Fukuda) edit as follows:

gulls wheel calmly (leisurely?)
the year begins
our teacher faces the dawn
year of the tiger begins
Mr. Fukuda:
By using "teacher" you introduce a new idea. Waki-ku should support/accompany hokku which describes the scene at the ocean.
Bonus link by Fay (NOT for selection)
Fay year of the tiger
a pine tree pointing the eternal

kippo wo sasu tora-doshi no matsu
(pointing the eternal /year of the tiger’s pine )
“kippo” or “eho”(‘eternal direction’ or ‘happy direction’), meaning the paradise, is New Year Kigo. The direction-word is OK here after ‘east wind.’
Mr. Fukuda:
"The eternal" is direction from where a god arrives, then "religion" verse. In the first six, you cannot use religion, god, Buddha, proper name/person (except in hokku), remembering the past, travel, etc.

Thanks for your participation!

Till later,


... and thanks to Fay for her hard work!