#7 no season

A:      skirting the issue
        he looks past the cameraman
        and waves to the crowd                  Patricia
This person is chased by a lot of reporters and photographers...?  A
little too much gossip elements, I am afraid.

B:      she puts her lipstick
        in a silver satin bag
        and draws the string tight                      Patricia
Nice human link and very good for pre-love.  However, there is E (Alex's
poetic gene).  Tough decision I had to make!!!!

C:      a big box
        the crayons all arranged
        by hue                                                          Ebba
Fay used "big and small" ("unmatching" in English... Fay).  I do not
want to use the character for "big" here.

D:      curry added
        to the simmering broth
        the tabby yawns                                 Ebba
Interesting link.  Scene at the reasearchers' room??? (Ebba:  it seems
he does not see problem food-related word here. Fay)

E:      DNA sequencing--
        a gene for writing poetry
        discovered                                                      Alex
"A gene for poetry" is very fresh!!!!  I like this contemporary idea. 
It may be difficult to write a love link after this.  People may have
hard time to follow...?

F:      which side
        of the aisle do you sit?
        a balanced budget                                       Alex
"Budget" may not be the best choice of the word for a pre-love link.
Need softer word...

G:      among white candles
        in the tall candelabrum
        one blackened wick                              Alice
This is not bad as a pre-love link; however, moon link is about "night."
I prefer something other than night image.

H:      punch of the drill press
        milimeters from the tip
        of his thick fingers                            Alice
"Finger" (body-related word) is not good here because of Lynne's "face."

Overall comments:
B or E?  It was a tough decision.  If E has not "gene for poetry," I
would have chosen B, but gene for writing poetry is very good and
unexpecting!!  Sorry, Patricia!  I decided to choose E.  A short love
link comes next.  Be flexible and use your imagination.  I am looking
forward to interesting, unique, surprising love links.
                                                                                        Shinku Fukuda