#8 Love

A       the cat's light snore reminds me
        of how I miss my husband                                Patricia
(Beginning of love type link I wanted to have here.  This love is too
advanteged, I am afraid)

B:      those two in the seat ahead
        make me feel my aloneness                       Patricia
(this "I" lost a lover?  A bit too dark and lonely for a love link in
the ura (back)).

C:      when I'm with him everyting
        is fun-even tic-tac-toe                         Patricia
(Very interesting link!  In Japanese, I am afraid this will work better
in 5-7-5 (long verse).  Would you submit this again in the second set of
love in nagori-omote (front back)?)

D:      he touches my arm lightly
        at just the right moment                                Alice
(Beginning of an love affair?  Very suggestive and good bridge to the
next love link.  A reader can expect what will happen next.)

E:      his eyes have started the laugh
        before I finish the joke                                Alice
(We need more love essence here.)

F:      great-aunt guiding my hand
        over each greek letter                                  Alice
(I am not sure why this is a love link.  Is there any specific reason?)

G:      a name whispered
        into the pillow                                                 Ebba
(Very good love link with sentiment.  Very sensitive.  Opposite type of
love link of D above.  I chose Ebba's verse before, so... I decided to
choose Alice's D here.)

H:      the sweet twang
        of cupid's bow string                                   Ebba
(This is interesting, too.  Cupid!  Very beautiful image.)