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Tip for next love link #9: Because Alex's DNA link is "ta" (other). No love link about others next. Please deploy love dramatically. I need more specific, clearer love link. Love is the source of peace of human society. And renku without love links is not a real renku. I am looking forward to seeing American or global love links!

Shinku Fukuda

#9 Love

A:      longing for his voice
        I re-read the letter
        again                                   Ebba
(You should develop love more...)

B:      standing so close
        under the umbrella
        I smell his smell               Ebba
(Same as A.  Her arm waas touched, these lovers have to do something

C:      through the leaves
        you glance at me
        then unbottun your blouse               Alex
(very sensational!  A very good male point of view!)

D:      the tent door flips
        in the breeze
        we ignore it                    Alex
(Two lovers in their own world.  Very good!!!)

E:      catching the last flight
        from Cairo to Rome hoping
        he'll still be waiting          Patricia
(I am afraid a gap between the previous link is a bit too much.)

F:      Maria Callas--
        the two of us enveloped
        in her soaring voice                    Patricia
(two lovers listening to CD?  Very romantic and sweet.  I wish I had a
love affair like this!)

G:      in the spice bazaar
        the mixture of aromas
        heighten our desire                     Patricia
(Only desire heightened?  I need more action!?)

I liked C, D and F, but decided to select F because F has very romantic
element (music).  Maria Callas is a very clever choice.  Describing the
scene without telling much, but in reality, a very sensational love
link.  Lovers' emotions are going up and up like the soprano's voice...