Fumiko wrote #11 (ura #5)(I selected Link A) and I attach my five
possibilities for #12 (ura #6).  Send your vote to Fay.
                                                                                        Shinku Fukuda

Fumiko´s Candidates for #11 (Mr. F´s comments in parenthesis)
A:      ranchuu no hire yuruyaka ni mau gotoku
        fins of a colorful gold fish
        moving gently
        as if it dances
(this rebverberates beautifully after a love link.  an excellent link
after love links expresses lingering feeling without voicing love.)

B:      usuake no kitaguni no machi geshi-matsuri

        dim light
        in the nortern town
        .. . . summer solstice festival
(describing where and when the love affair in a previous link happens)

C:      sono kami no chouhou buin namazu kau

        a spy
        who keeps cat fish
        as a pet
(interesting.  Changes the mood.  Very contemporary link.)
Fay does not understand the word ´sono-kami´ and did not translate it.

D:      asa-gumori tomarishi mama no kake-dokei
        cloudy morning--
        the wall clock
        remains broken

(this link describes the scene, but right after a love link, it creates
strange after-effect.)

E:      kyaku sarishi hisho chi no yado no suri-garasu

        frosted glass
        in the resort town...
        all the guests are gone
(a bit too flat)