Mr. Fukuda's candidates for #12 (ura #6)
No season

A:      hikouki no kage gin-iro no sen

        silver lines...
        the shadow of an airplane
B:      tennyo shimen ni kakomu dounai

        on four walls of the temple
        heavenly maidens
C:      otori sousa de jyuu no oushuu

        guns confiscated by
        an undercover operation
D:      sensou kiki ka hoku-sen no kiga

        famine in North Korea--
        will the war start soon?
E:      sasatsu ukeire sensou kaihi

        accepting the inspection
        to avoid the war
Dear every one!  I got two votes for A (silver line/airplane) and two
for E (inspection/the war).  I got authority to say final yes in case of
tie-break.  I decided to select E because the next one is moon link and
I do not want to see 'silver' here!

#11(#5 of ura)
        ranchuu no/hire yuruyaka ni/mau gotoku          Fumiko
                fins of a colorful gold fish
                moving tenderly
                as if it dances

#12 (#6 of ura)
        sasatsu ukeire/sensou kaihi                     Shinku

                accepting the inspection
                to avoid the war

#12 refers to Iraq to accept the inspection from U.N. (U.S government?)
for chemical producing site.  I see the twist 'dance' from #11 to #12
and vulnerability in the human world.

In Japanese 'ranchu' (a type of gold fish) does not have any letter
mentioning 'gold.'  So, Mr. F's 'silver' is OK.  I bet Mr. F wants to
put 'current affair' link here.  His plan E refers to Sadam Husein's
chemical (nuclear?) plant, I believe.  Could be North Korea which we
don't read much about in the U.S. papers.