I should have told you Fumiko's Uchikoshi (#6 of Ura) is Ba (scene)
link.  I wanted to have a moon link with human element.  (Fukuda)

A:      moon's surface--
        each footprint left
        until when?                             Alex
(How many years passed since the first man arrived on the moon?  There
was fierce competition back then.

B:      invisible
        the far side of the moon
        and ice                                         Alex
(the contrast between 'inspection' and 'invisible' is interesting.  Very
good link; however, this is Ba (scene) link.  I cannot select this
here.  Sorry!)

C:      the salt flats--eerie
        vast whiteness stretching for miles
        under the stark moon            Patricia
(Patricia imagined IF the war has started.  Very good link.  Very
poetic.  But as I wrote above, this, too, is Ba link.)

D:      the barbed wire fence
            a long unwavering line...
        full moon                                                       Lynne
(Beautiful moon and intense feeling during the war time.  Very clever
link.  Again, however, no human elements...)

E:      the bright full moon
        no shadowy place to hide
        anything                                                        Lynne
(Inspection in the previous link and 'hide' here is a bit too close, I
am afraid.)

F:      in moon shadows
        a quick swallow of brandy
        from his pocket flask                           Alice
(A to E are all Ba links and C, D and E are intensive links in dark
mood.  This has reverse association with the previous link.  After the
war is avoided, feeling safe again made this person drink.  But "from
his pocket flask" gives me a bit of love feeling.   Only  because I know
Alice is happily married to Alex and I thought this flask might have
come from Alex's pocket?)

G:      sent to help unload
        the portable barricades
        -- early moonrise                               Alice
(Alice describes a demonstration to protest the war or she may want to
tell in other country, there are still disputes.  Reverse imagination or
association with the previous link  gives nice shift.)

H:      nobori-zuki mago ni kikaseru buyuuden   Fay
(fattening moon/I bragg my heroic accounts/to grandchildren)

("bragg heroic accounts" is interesting.  Telling how "I" did inspection

I:      tsuki no mon tsuuji wo noseta kago mo sari      Fay
(the gate in moonlight/a planquin carrying an interpreter/has left)

(Going back to Edo Period?  Do Americans understand 'palanquin?)

Tsuuji is the old way to say "interpreter" ("tsuuyaku" in modern
Japanese.-- Fay

                                                       Shinku Fukuda

Do you understand what he meant by 'reverse association/imagination'? 
Mr. Fukuda thinks renku writing is to find association with your link
and the previous link.  Sometimes 'reverse' association  gives strong
and interesting shift/link.  For example, to write intensive/dark link
after his "inspection/war" link is straight-forward association.  But,
write a happy link  or try to write about somewhere else is 'reverse