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Shinku Fukuda

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#14 of 36 (#8 of the ura)  as usual, Mr. F's comments are in

A:      she opened the small cage
        and let the cricket go free             Alex
(Fumiko used gold fish.  Cricket is not appropriate here)

B:      reaching one last inch
        he plucked an apple for himself Alex
(Three verses after this, we will have a flower (cherry blossom) link. 
plant-related word, including apple, is not appropriate.  In renku, you
have to consider not only what was written before, but also what will
come later.)

C:      in a dimly lit church prayers
        and incense on All Soul's Day           Patricia
(I selected this but changed a bit.  After the moon-rise, 'dimly lit'
seemes to be backward - timewise - for me.  Fay, could you ask Patricia
to change her original English?)

to Patricia:  Mr. F changed your link as follows:
        banseito-setsu inoru kyoukai
                All Soul's Day
                prayers at the church
Send me your edited version to me and everyone... thanks (Fay)

D:      two witches and a goblin
        hurry past the darkened house!          Patricia
(I like this, too! but I liked C better...)
                I like this best!!!!!!!!!!!! Fay

E:      school begins and mothers sew
        name tags on new uniforms               Lynne
(no topic of clothes before.  Very clever.  However, after Alice's
barricades, this is a bit too quiet.  School begins in April in Japan. 
It startes in September in the U.S?   OK...  I am happy to learn
different culture through renku.  Mutual understanding is the first step
toward the world's peace!)

F:      girls still in this dresses. . .
        lingering summer heat                           Lynne
(Good eye!  New topic - clothes!   Image of lingering heat and dress is
very beautiful. but... a bit too quiet here.  Keep this and submit again
somewhere later!!!)

G:      iro naki kaze ni hanki hatameku                 Fay
                in the colorless wind
                a flag at half-mast flutters
(Iro Naki Kaze (colorless wind) is a  kigo representing Japanese
culture.  Yuki Teikei should invent its own kigo and promote them.  New
culture will be born in California!   Regarding Fay's G, good deployment
from the previous link, but two before we dealt War.  Yours tend to
return to the image of the war.  That means no shift.  Third link must
shift.  In renku, when a verse MUST shift from the link two before.)

H:      hitotsume kozou haka arai ori           Fay
                one-eyed demon washing
                a tomb stone
(Again... tombstone is not good because War in my link.  Shift from two
before is the golden rule of renku.  Do not forget!!!)