Cherry Blossoms

Now... flower (cherry blossom link). Because Kiyoko's link is playing game - no children, no home.... also 'ji' (self) is not accepted. Mr. Fukuda wrote "Send me beautiful, cheerful flower link!"

Till next time...

The deadline is 5/5 (Tuesday).

A:      leaving "Titanic"
        movie goers stunned
        .......cherry blossoms                          Lynne
("Titanic" is shown in Japan, too.  Very unique to combine this movie
with cherry blossoms.  However, a bit sad feeling here...?)

B:      drifts of dazzling white
        foreign tourists lost for words
        .....cherry blossoms                            Lynne
(Last year's experience?  Foreign tourists look like a stuffed dog? or
some of them carries it?)

C:      she remembers now
        wishing for a pearl necklace
        .... the cherry blossoms                        Patricia
(Combination of pearl and cherry blossoms is beautiful; however, the
presence of a woman is slightly love kind of link...)

D:      climbing the mountain
        people and cherry blossoms
        in equal numbers                                Patricia
(Funny and interesting.  People carry a stuffed animal to the mountain?
or they look like stuffed animal?)

E:      up the hill
        laughing and singing
        of cherry blossoms                              Alex
(a stuffed dog at the cherry viewing party listening the song?)

F:      adrift
        cherry petals scattered
        across the crowd                                Alex
(a stuffed dog sits at the cherry viewing party...  good linking.
Children, too, attend the party and petals are falling over the stuffed
animal, too....  Very beautiful scene.)

G:      hana wo fumu josoo no kare no hai-hiiru         Fay
(stepping on the cherry petals/high-heeled shoes of/a man in drag)
(Costume party or a gay boy?  Fay...! a flower link should be the most
beautiful one.  )

H:      hana no kou dai-mitsuyu dan anyaku su           Fay
(season of cherry blossoms/drug smugglers/are in full swing)
(Very unusual combination... but... see above comment)

I:      hana no iro suihei maneku nagai tsume           Fay
(long nails in the color/of cherry blossoms/inviting sailors)
(Long nails of a street girl?  This is a love link!)

J:      water wheel running....
        the delcate fragrance
        of cherry blossoms                              Ebba
(a stuffed animal forgotten next to the water wheel...)

K:      fluffy clouds--
        the orchard softly white
        with cherry blossoms                            Ebba
(good imagination... from a stuffed animal to the clouds)

Two links before is a self-link, but none of you describe 'self'
action.  Very good!  And... you most of you use cherry blossoms
properly.  I am impressed.   Next one is the last link in the ura.
Short, spring link.  Fumiko's link is ba (scene).  People link, please.
                       Shinku Fukuda