Mr. Fukuda's comments on Fay's candidates for #035;26 (Winter):

A:      onna kanshu ni todoku fuyu bara
[winter roses delivered to/a female warden]
(Female warden!!!!!   Very unexpected link, but a bit too unusual!)

B:      rikon seiritsu akujo toumin
[divorce completed/a wicked woman hybernates]
(Divorce completes at the end of love.... hard to follow.  But,
'hybernate' is interesting and cynical!)

C:      intai sensu ginban no bijo
[the beauty on the ice link/announces her retirement]
(this is a link before love, not love......)

D:      tsurara mo tokasu nagashime ayashi
[her enchanting side glance/ even melts icicles]
(Good winter love link!  Good job)

E:      same yori shitsuyou tsuma no kyuudan
[my wife's accusation/more severe than a shark's attack]
(Wow!    This wife is soooooooo scary!!!!)
                       Shinku Fukuda