Comments for Ebba's possibilities:

A:	incoming tide
	his tender whispers to me
	under the first star
(As a link, very sensitive and lyrical, but moon link will appear two
after this link.  To use 'star' here is not appropriate.)

B:	glowing incense
	the sound of his zipper
	in the darkness
(sensual and impressive, but Atsuko's link two before has 'blanket.' 
'Zipper' (clothes-related word) is too similar.)

C:	he tells the dragon
	that she is his phoenix
	distant ocean waves
(the unequaled (matcheless?)* wish?  Distant waves is very effective,
but as Fay struggled, it is hard to translate into 5-7-5 Japanese.  I
tried, but cannot come up with a good translation.)
* the original word in Japanese "zetsurin" seems to have some Buddhistic
meaning, but I am not quite sure..... sorry! (Fay)

D:	we stand before
	the full-length mirror
	still rosy with love
(lingering feeling after a love-making is good.  Unlike B or C, this is
not direct and very good.  Japanese poets prefer this kind of
tender-hearted, indirect expression.  Ebba must understand
suggestiveness, grace and longing typical in Japanese poetry.  My hat

E:	new bra
	she guides him
	to its silkiness
(Like in B, bra is clothes-related word.  Not appropriate because of
Atsuko's blanket.  But, silkiness is very good.  Very good woman's point
of view.  If Ebba does not use the word 'bra,' I might have chose this

F:	rising on tiptoes
	to meet his kiss
	the morning breeze
(in terms of time-sequence, this is good, but I use 'wind' in hokku.  
'breeze' is too close.  The word/image in hokku cannot be repeated.  As
a link, this is, also, very beautiful and sensitive.)

I admire Ebba who wrote many possibilities.  Thank you.
                       Shinku Fukuda