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Alex Benedict


  • Designed and implemented software for wireless communication with container handling equipment, includes remote sensing of the equipment position in a terminal; relaying instructions to the equipment operatorsand receiving their input. Designed and implemented a Telnet server; an XML messaging server; and client software to query a system that automatically monitors refrigerated containers.
  • Traveled internationally to install and customize facilities management software for container shipping terminals.
  • Built and managed a successful team to create decision support tools, geographic information systems, expert systems, databases, and simulation tools.
  • Worked with inter-disciplinary teams to design data analysis, business intelligence and data warehousing systems.
  • Created software to collect, synthesize, and present information to fit users' specifications, using platforms from mainframes to personal computers. Projects include internal and commercial applications in diverse fields such as finance, networking, simulation, biology, statistics, and geographic information.
  • Participated in design and programming for nine commercial products since 1987. The products are: SPARCS(container terminal management); DeltaGraph™(business charting); Quovis™(information management); StatView™ (general statistics); NetMaker ™ XA (network modeling); The Memory Mine™ (software debugging); Metromedia Edge™ (sales force automation); Atlas PRO™ (geographic information system); and CAMEO™ II (decision support system).
  • Modeled user requirements and designed optimal software solutions. Achieved major increases in speed and ease of information transfer among computer systems.
  • Software Languages: C++, C, Pascal, PERL, Java, Assembler, LISP, FORTRAN, COBOL, PL1, BASIC, HTML, XML.
  • Operating Systems: Windows NT, Macintosh, Windows 95, Windows 3.1, UNIX, MS-DOS, PRIMOS, XENIX, TSO/SPF, MVS, CMS, VMS.
  • Hardware: Macintosh, Wintel, Sun, Prime, IBM 9000, IBM 370, VAX, Terak, Interdata.


  • Navis Terminal Operating Solutions (TOS) — Zebra Technologies. Software Architect
  • DeltaGraph™ — SPSS Incorporated. Senior Software Engineer
  • Quovis™ — Sofmap Future Design, Incorporated. Chief Information Architect
  • StatView™ — Abacus Concepts, Incorporated. Software Architect
  • NetMaker XA™
    Metromedia Edge™ — Make Systems, Incorporated. Senior Software Engineer
  • The Memory Mine™ — Adianta, Incorporated. Cofounder
  • Atlas Pro™ — Strategic Mapping, Incorporated. Lead Software Engineer
  • CAMEO™ — NOAA, Hazardous Materials Response Branch. Mathematician


  • Benedict, Alex. 1991. "UNIX SIG: IDE and CASE in the 90's." Software Entrepreneurs Forum. August 1991.
  • Benedict, Alex H. 1990. "Planning for emergency response to an oil spill: Building maps with TIGER." Papers and Proceedings of Applied Geography Conferences. Vol 13 pp 136 - 139.
  • Benedict, Alex H. 1990. "An object-oriented system for storing world coordinates in map files." Proceedings of the 1990 ACSM/ASPRS Annual Convention. Vol 1: Surveying. pp 29 - 36.
  • Benedict, Alex H. 1990. "CAMEO™: Software tools for emergency response." Proceedings of the 1990 ACSM/ASPRS Annual Convention. Vol 1: Surveying. pp 19 - 28.
  • Benedict, Alex H. and Robert Pavia. 1989. "Computer-Aided Management of Emergency Operations (CAMEO™)" URISA Journal Vol 1(1) pp 93 - 101.
  • Wahl, T. R., D.G. Ainley, A. H. Benedict, and A. R. DeGange. 1989. "Associations between seabirds and water-masses in the northern Pacific Ocean." Marine Biology. Vol 103 pp 1 - 11.
  • Benedict, Alexander H. 1979. Hausdorff measure and fractional dimension. M.S.Thesis: Western Washington University, Bellingham, Washington.


  • National Computer Graphics Association GIS '90. August 26 - 29, 1990. Session on "Map data representation, handling and representation/ Applications in a microcomputer CAD or GIS system environment." Houston, Texas.
  • Tenth Annual ESRI User Conference. May 14 - 18, 1990. "From mainframes to micros: Moving maps." Palm Springs, California.
  • Annual meeting of the Software Maintenance Association. April 22 - 25, 1990. "Exploratory Data Analysis and Software Maintenance." Vancouver, British Columbia.
  • 1990 ACSM/ASPRS Annual Convention. March 19 - 23, 1990. "CAMEO™: Software tools for emergency response." and "An object-oriented system for storing world coordinates in map files." Denver, Colorado.
  • Annual meeting of the Digital Line Graph (DLG) Users Group. February 19 - 23, 1990. "Maps in CAMEO™." Slidell, Louisiana.
  • 1989 AIRIES (Artificial Intelligence Research in Environmental Systems) Annual Meeting. May 2 -4, 1989. "ALOHA: An expert system in disguise." Washington, D.C.


  • Graduate work in Biostatistics, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington.
  • M.S. Mathematics, Western Washington University, Bellingham, Washington.
  • B.A. Mathematics/Computer Science, Western Washington University, Bellingham, Washington.



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